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Divorce can be a difficult time in your life and many people just want it to be over as quickly as possible. Exactly how quickly that happens, though, can depend on a number of factors including how amiable you and your partner are with each other, if there is community property or assets, and if […]

When it comes to legal proceedings involving your family, you want to make sure that you work with a San Luis Obispo family law expert. Plenty of lawyers practice family law but a certified family law specialist will carry prestigious credentials from your state’s bar association to prove that they are actually an expert. At […]

Legal matters involving your family, children, or spouse can be some of the most important and trying times of your life. Finding the right San Luis Obispo family law attorney can really make the difference in how painless the experience is. But how do you choose the right attorney? There are a few different qualifications […]

Spousal support, also called “alimony”, is still something that judges can order during divorce cases. There are many different factors that go into the amount of the payments and how long they must be paid. But there are some common indicators that could mean you’ll have to pay at least some spousal support. If you’re […]