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Unhappy Older Man and Woman Seats Apart

You and your spouse can end your marital status six months after one of you files papers at the courthouse and serves copies of these papers to the other person. But the passage of time by itself will not get you divorce.

It’s important to understand that there are different types of custody and that each provides its own authority. As a Hosford & Hosford client, our San Luis Obispo child custody lawyers can advise you in greater detail about managing your situation. Likely, you will get some form of child custody in the settlement or litigation […]

In divorce cases that are litigated, courts may establish both temporary and permanent spousal support. Each is determined differently. With temporary spousal support, judges typically use a formula to calculate the amount of support you or your spouse pays. Some judges will use slightly different factors to arrive at this amount, however. As California spousal […]

Hosford & Hosford helps clients protect their rights in a divorce. As SLO child support attorneys, one of the most common questions that clients ask us is what they can expect to pay or receive in child support. As with temporary spousal support calculations, California law provides a formula for deciding child support and who […]