How is child support calculated in California?

Hosford & Hosford helps clients protect their rights in a divorce. As SLO child support attorneys, one of the most common questions that clients ask us is what they can expect to pay or receive in child support.

As with temporary spousal support calculations, California law provides a formula for deciding child support and who will pay what. The formula is based on each parent’s net disposable income per month and the time that each parent cares for the children.

In this formula, courts consider all income, whether it is taxed or reported and whether it’s in the form of money, property, or services. Wages, tips, bonuses, unemployment benefits—even lottery and prize winnings—are all sources of income the court may review.

Judges will also look at your expenses or your spouse’s expenses to ensure that support is fair. They may consider your taxes, union dues, retirement contributions, healthcare expenses, and your costs in raising children from another relationship.

Hosford & Hosford helps clients understand what information they will need to provide for this formula. Some of these details are straightforward, such as the number of children to use in the calculation. However, certain factors may be interpreted differently by the parties, such as:

  • The actual time that children spend with each parent.
  • The true income each party earns.
  • The actual costs that each person faces to the extent they affect your after tax income, medical needs, and child care costs.

As experienced SLO child support attorneys, one of the most important services Hosford & Hosford offers is ensuring that the values used in your child support formula fairly represent your situation. Our work can give you greater control over how money is spent on your children and can help them receive the resources they need.

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