The Client Experience: Working with Our SLO Family Law Lawyers

Whether you are familiar with family law concerns or this is your first involvement in a case, understanding the process can help you in planning for and participating in legal matters.

Below, Hosford & Hosford outlines what you can expect from your SLO family law lawyer. Read on, and then get in touch with us for resolution-focused, responsive representation.

The Initial Consultation

In the initial consultation, your attorney talks through the issues you are facing. This is an important opportunity for you to get answers to questions and to learn about your rights and responsibilities. The guidance your attorney offers can help you to avoid missteps early in your case.

The initial consultation also lets you get to know your SLO family law lawyer. It’s your chance to connect on a personal level, gain confidence that your concerns will be heard, and evaluate how you will be able to work together.

Following your discussion, Hosford & Hosford outlines a strategy for achieving your goals. We may request specific documentation on financial, ownership, and family-related matters. Our team can assist you in preparing these materials.


Whenever possible, Hosford & Hosford works towards a settlement between the parties. This generally means that you and your SLO family law lawyer meet with the other party to discuss the details of the case. We prepare you for these discussions, identify your priorities for settlement, and lead the negotiation.

Our attorneys are responsible professionals who keep discussions civil and who don’t use the legal system for personal attacks. We know that many clients want to maintain a cordial relationship with the other party. It’s especially important when we are working as your SLO child custody attorney or negotiating on issues such as visitation, since these cases can quickly become contentious.

Settlement discussions conclude with the filing of formal legal documents that define the terms of the agreement. Often, cases that start in front of a judge are required to hold these talks first because they can lead to a faster resolution.


If Hosford & Hosford believes that the other party is not acting reasonably in settlement talks, we may advise you to litigate the case before the judge.

Litigation is a more costly and time-consuming path for SLO clients, but as your family law lawyer, we may decide it’s the best way to protect your rights. In these situations, your attorney guides you through the process and works to complete the case as quickly and with as little emotional toll as possible.

As experienced litigators, we understand how to prepare you for the courtroom, how to work with the other party and the presiding judge, and how to present evidence to make a professional presentation of your contentions. Throughout the process, you can expect Hosford & Hosford to prosecute your case professionally.

During the Case

Regardless of the approach, Hosford & Hosford keeps you informed of the progress of your case. You play a central role in the decisions we make so that you always know how your SLO family law lawyer is working on your behalf.

You receive copies of all of our correspondence with opposing counsel as well as documents that we file on your behalf. We handle procedural concerns to move your case towards a conclusion, and we help you make important decisions on issues such as final settlement terms.

With each decision, Hosford & Hosford explains your options, makes recommendations, and gives you the information you need. This personal, supportive process is part of how we help achieve success in your case.

Learn more about what you can expect as a client. Get in touch with Hosford & Hosford by calling (805) 439-1906 or toll-free at (855) 675-4496.