The Custodial Parent Moved Out of State. What Can I Do?

Couple In Professional Attire Looking Over PaperworkIf the custodial parent of your children has moved out of state or is about to, then you’re probably trying to figure out what your options are. In California, the law about this is incredibly complex, and it is also in flux. If you’re worried your former spouse may move out of state with your kids, it is almost always best to work with an attorney that specializes in family law.

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Can Custodial Parents Move Away?

Your particular situation is unique which means it is difficult to address specific aspects of your case without knowing more details even though we have over 3 decades of experience in family law.

San Luis Obispo clients that have a permanent order for full or sole physical custody are most likely free to move out of state. However, if the other parent can show that moving would harm the children, that may not be the case. Also, it is sometimes not obvious if the order is permanent or not. These types of caveats are exactly why it is important you work with an attorney that has experience dealing with the nuances of family law.

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Now, in the case of joint custody, if one of the parents does not want the children to move out of state, the other parent will need to show why the move is best for the children.

What About Traveling Out of State?

In most cases, traveling out of state requires notifying the other parent, especially if traveling out of the country. If traveling interferes with the other parent’s usual visitation schedule, then notifying the other parent will also often be required. Also, if you can’t contact the other parent, then you may have to request a judge’s permission to leave without telling them. As you can see, this issue can get complicated very quickly which is why you should work with an attorney that has experience with family law.

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