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With a San Luis Obispo family law attorney from Hosford & Hosford, you can resolve legal relationships, rights, and obligations.

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The legal issues that affect your family, income, and assets require knowledgeable and effective legal counsel.

Hosford & Hosford is a specialized law firm focused on families in transition in San Luis Obispo. Our family law attorneys provide experienced representation, ethical guidance, and a solution-oriented, efficient approach.

For over 35 years, Hosford & Hosford has led clients through their most challenging legal concerns. We are a compassionate, committed, and responsive partner. Whether you are exploring your legal options, filing for divorce, appealing a court decision, or seeking a post-judgment modification, we can help.

Hosford & Hosford offers experience, expertise, and a committed approach. Each San Luis Obispo family law attorney in our practice is a gifted negotiator and litigator. We are members of the State Bar of California; have practiced before the California Supreme Court; and are led in part by a certified family law specialist (one of fewer than ten in our area.)

Attorney – Johnathan W. Hosford
Attorney – Stephen C. Hosford
Attorney – Valerie Ryall Hosford

Why Should You Choose Hosford & Hosford?

Solutions Oriented. We work to create a strategy that will achieve your goal as efficiently as possible. We want to protect you from significant financial and emotional costs.

Ethical. Hosford & Hosford is accountable to you. Our work prioritizes your best interests and those of your family.

Responsive: We answer your questions, return your calls, and communicate appropriately with your spouse or their attorney, if represented. Our commitment to dialogue encourages the swift resolution of cases.

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