Important Questions to Ask Your Divorce Lawyer

The process of divorce can be a frightening, embarrassing, and emotional time for many people. Selecting the right SLO divorce lawyer can make all the difference in how successful, fast, and painless it is. Hosford & Hosford is a specialized law firm that focuses on families in transition. We’ve been working with families for over 35 years to help them resolve a variety of legal matters, including divorce. Take a look below at some of the questions you should ask your potential lawyer that will help you find the right one for your family and your case.

What to Ask Your Divorce Lawyer

As you start to look for a SLO divorce lawyer, it can be hard to focus because of the emotional rollercoaster that you’re on. Here are a few questions that you can ask potential lawyers to make sure you choose one that is a good fit.

  1. Is divorce law your specialty or is it part of your overall practice? This is a good question for larger firms that may specialize in multiple disciplines.
  2. How much will this cost me? What is your hourly rate, retainer, and do you charge for time spent with secretaries and/or paralegals? Get all of your cost questions answered very clearly. Also include questions about the cost for physicians, psychologists, private investigators, and others.
  3. Can I talk with my spouse or do anything else on my own to reduce my costs? If you’re on a budget, there could be tasks you can do to avoid paying your lawyer to do them.
  4. What is your strategy for my case and how do you think a judge would rule? This are great questions to help you set your expectations.

One last question that we wish more of our clients would ask is “Is there a way to do this without causing too much hurt to my family?” At Hosford & Hosford we stay focused on the family and try to help our clients do that too. Give us a call today to talk with a SLO divorce lawyer.