San Luis Obispo Divorce Mediation

If you are planning to divorce but want to terminate your marriage without the hostility and turmoil typical in contested cases, San Luis Obispo divorce mediation can be a highly valuable alternative.

As skilled divorce mediators, the attorneys of Hosford & Hosford have assisted many clients in achieving their goals at lower financial and emotional cost than in litigation. Our involvement can help the parties maintain control over the process, conclude their case more efficiently, and prevent a drawn-out, damaging divorce.

How Divorce Mediation Works3 Professionals Overlooking Paperwork

Mediation can cover a variety of concerns, including the division of assets and debts, spousal support, child custody, child support, and visitation. You and the other party work through these concerns with the assistance of an impartial, trained mediator. You may still retain independent counsel to advise you along the way.

Divorce mediation in San Luis Obispo may actually take place over several appointments. Typically, Hosford & Hosford begins with an initial meeting with the two parties. You and your spouse will discuss your goals, and our attorneys will help you determine if mediation makes sense for your situation.

At the end of the meeting, we will create a written agreement that establish the rules and conduct for mediation. We will ask you and your spouse to collect information and documents that will be used in the meetings that follow.

The number of times we meet and the length of time between meetings depends on the issues we need to resolve and the time that you and the other party need to prepare for the conversations. Certain meetings will include both you and your spouse, while others will involve one of you or the other.

Hosford & Hosford’s goal with each meeting is to conclude with agreements on specific issues. Once all of the issues involved in your divorce have been resolved, we will draft a settlement agreement that summarizes the conclusion you and your spouse have reached. Both you and your spouse sign the agreement, and we provide it to the court for approval.

Is Divorce Mediation an Option for Me?

There are a few factors that make for a successful mediation:

  • Both parties must be willing to remain civil and work together with the mediation team.
  • Each party must be transparent and honest in a San Luis Obispo divorce mediation.
  • You and your spouse need to be available for talks. Hosford & Hosford can work with clients to create a schedule that fits both of their needs.

The benefits of mediation make it a great option for spouses who meet the requirements above. Litigation can be a long, costly process, and it can impact the spouses’ relationship with one another and their children. Mediation can circumvent these issues and help both parties arrive at a satisfactory conclusion.

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