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One of the many reasons clients choose Hosford & Hosford as their San Luis Obispo divorce attorney is because of our personalized approach. We understand that nothing is more personal than the legal issues that affect your family, income, and assets.

From the individualized support we offer to the diligence we bring to your case, we are committed to helping you achieve a successful outcome. Learn more about what to expect with us as your representative.

Issues Addressed in a DivorceJudge's Gavel Resting on Divorce Decree Form

Divorce—otherwise known as “dissolution of marriage” or “dissolution of domestic partnership”—is the legal process that restores people to the status of single persons after being legally joined.

In addition to resolving the issue of status, most couples also need to address the division of their assets and debts. As your San Luis Obispo divorce attorney, Hosford & Hosford works with you to identify which assets and debts are yours alone (separate) versus part of the marriage (community). We help secure your rights to assets and protect you from unwarranted debt.

Other issues can connect two spouses even after their divorce is finalized. As a result, your case may also need to address:

If you are concerned for your own safety or that of your children, Hosford & Hosford can help provide legal protection for your family. We aggressively seek domestic violence restraining orders in cases that require them.

Working with Hosford & Hosford

Unlike criminal cases, in which a defendant is either found “guilty” or “not guilty,” a “win” in a family law matter depends on how the case’s resolution reflects your priorities. As a result, it’s essential that your San Luis Obispo divorce attorney understands what’s important to you.

Hosford & Hosford focuses on winning your case by learning what matters to you, setting realistic expectations, and working earnestly on your behalf. We work with you to develop the goals for your case, and we create a plan of action for accomplishing them.

As your legal representative, we:

  • Safeguard your rights while working with you to obtain practical solutions.
  • Work to achieve your goals efficiently in light of your financial circumstances. We recognize that there is no point in “winning” if there is nothing left at the end of the fight, and so we help you pick your battles.
  • Treat you, the opposing party, and opposing counsel with respect.

Options for Resolving Your Divorce

Settlement: When possible, your divorce attorney seeks settlement for clients in San Luis Obispo. The end result is a written agreement both parties sign. Settlement can be a creative process that offers a sense of “winning” for both parties, and it can provide remedies unavailable through the court. It can also reduce the chance of future legal disputes related to the divorce.

Mediation: Hosford & Hosford can provide divorce mediation services, if both parties agree to participate and cooperate in the process.

Litigation: On some issues, or in some cases, settlement is not possible, and Hosford & Hosford will recommend litigation. Our attorneys will prepare you for hearings before a judge to address these matters. Hosford & Hosford’s lawyers collectively have over 55 years of experience in litigating cases and asserting their clients’ legal rights.

Appeal: When remedies in the trial court have been exhausted and where circumstances warrant it, Hosford & Hosford can assist you with family law appeals.

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