Bri B. – Yelp

Where to begin. Well lets start first with a BIG THANK YOU to Mr. Stephen Hosford, our attorney. A BIG THANK YOU to the staff, Ami, Seth, and now Lindsey! I’m sorry to those of you that Im not sure of your names, but I greatly THANK YOU as well for your time and efforts in helping with our case. To me you all are truly angels on earth, people who care and understand!
I contacted Hosford&Hosford in regards to custody of my daughter. I had been served paperwork by the opposing party, of course full of a litany of lies to build their false case. I had actually tried to hire two other attorneys before finding Hosford family law. I had never needed an attorney before and had no idea where to begin, so I began contacting every family law firm that I could.
The other two attorneys I had tried hiring were not promising, after one phone call to one of the two other attorneys, I cried for two hours after being told that basically in order to keep custody of my daughter I would have to put her on the stand, she is only 8. There’s much more to all of that but I wont bore you with the details.
I called Hosford family law, at my wits end, in dire need of an attorney who actually CARED about my case and my daughters BEST INTERESTS. Unfortunately I sprang this on them last minute. When I called Ami answered, what an amazing woman! She greatly calmed me and put me at ease, letting me know they could definitely take our case and not to worry. I still worried, this was one of the most gut wrenching ordeals our family has ever been through. The other two attorneys I tried were only looking at our case as their next paycheck in my opinion. They had no interest in the time my daughter has been in my custody (her entire life). They didn’t care what would be in her best interest, they didn’t ask the basic necessary questions. Those basic necessary and completely valid questions were asked over the phone by Ami before I ever met with Mr. Hosford. Once I met with him we dove into the details, and he assured me that her best interests would be kept, they were!

After meeting with Mr. Hosford, I had more peace but still was uneasy due to the case in its entirety. The staff worked quickly and efficiently to make sure all the necessary paperwork was in place and the case was ready for court.
Mr. Hosford had given me an idea of how he believed things would be handled by the judge, multiple scenarios and prepared us for all outcomes possible.
I’m happy to say it went even better than he had stated. We all were able to come to an agreement so that we could all move forward in the best interest of our daughter. I know for a fact had I had any other attorney I wouldn’t have had the same outcome. If you are in need of an attorney, and not just any attorney, but an attorney that truly cares about you, your family, and your case on more than a business level, this is who you want!
For me being a single parent on a limited income it was difficult for me to come up with any funds for an attorney, however we made it happen! It was worth every penny and as I told Hosford family law you can’t put a price on saving your child, I don’t care what the cost would’ve ended up being because they are worth their weight in gold. If I ever need an attorney for family law again I will be using Hosford family law. I recommend them to anyone that has to go through anything family law related. You will not be disappointed, you will not be let down. I chose them as our law firm after reading the reviews here and elsewhere. So I’d also like to thank those of you that also reviewed. Had I not read those reviews I’m not sure I would have found Hosford family law, or considered them. So I greatly appreciate you all as well for sharing your experience.