Jennifer S.

John Hoford did everything right in our child custody case.  From the beginning,  our family was determined to fight for our kids while remaining always truthful, kind, and reasonable. We refused to stoop to the despicable tactics of the opposing side and were rewarded by getting every single thing we requested for our kids, in a remarkably short amount of time. John used his law expertise but also decency, common sense, and problem-solving to present a holistic and honest analysis to the court while destroying the smoke and mirrors concocted by the opposing side. Thusly, the judge was able to more easily determine the truth and rule accordingly. The big winners are our kids and we feel grateful for John’s guidance and relieved that we can now focus fully on our kids–emotionally, physically, and financially. John is a true badass. You will not find a more dedicated, compassionate, family-oriented family law attorney. If you want results, ethically produced, get John on your team, stat!