Steps Involved in the Process for Child Visitation

Small boy embracing his dadNo matter which parent gets primary physical custody, visitation rights will be a major factor in all negotiations and discussions. This process is one of the most complex and emotional in all of family law. San Luis Obispo clients should work with a family law attorney to make sure that their goals are met and that they get the resolution they want.

Hosford & Hosford has been representing clients in child custody cases for over 35 years. Our experienced and passionate attorneys will always fight for you, and we have a long record of success to prove it. That’s why we’ve gained the reputation of being some of the hardest working, honest, and most transparent family law attorneys in all of California. Give us a call today at (805) 439-1906 to learn more.

Once you call us, the next step is to have you come in and meet with our team. We will sit down with you and learn more about you as an individual, your case, and the unique circumstances surrounding it. From there we can develop a plan of action and a strategy that allows us to advocate successfully for you and make sure your goals are met. Give us a call today at (805) 439-1906 to get the process started.

Child Visitation and Family Law

San Luis Obispo parents that have gone through a divorce will want as much time as possible with their children. The California Family Code encourages both parties to work together to develop a mutually beneficial arrangement that serves the best interests of your children.

To make that happen, many judges will first require that the parents go through mediation. Mediation is free, and it’s also confidential. During mediation, both parties can work out their differences, find common ground, and hopefully come to an agreement. It is possible for you to have an attorney present during mediation and Hosford & Hosford offers child visitation lawyer specifically for this. Our attorneys will always give you an honest assessment of your options and do their best to get a resolution that is best for you and your children. This type of work is one of the reasons why we’re so passionate about family law.

San Luis Obispo clients will have the chance to negotiate their visitation schedules during mediation. These schedules are helpful for two reasons: first, children enjoy these schedules because it encourages a steady routine. Second, it also decreases the amount uncertainty in the arrangement which can be a source of litigation in the future.

Our attorneys usually advise our clients on setting up the days and times they get to see their kids; establishing a summer schedule for vacation, and planning out future holidays and birthdays, so there are expectations that all parties are aware of.

Now, coming to an agreement during mediation is always desirable. However, this does not always happen in family law. San Luis Obispo clients should know that Hosford & Hosford has decades of experience litigating and going to court for our clients and winning. If this is the situation, we will work as hard as we can to develop a strategy, work with you before the hearings to prepare, and then vigorously advocate your rights in front of the court.

If you’re preparing to go through a divorce or if you’re already involved in one, Hosford & Hosford in San Luis Obispo can help. We would be honored to represent you and argue passionately for your case. Give us a call today at (805) 439-1906.