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Spousal support, also called “alimony”, is still something that judges can order during divorce cases. There are many different factors that go into the amount of the payments and how long they must be paid. But there are some common indicators that could mean you’ll have to pay at least some spousal support. If you’re […]

Most of us are familiar with the work of criminal lawyers from movies and TV shows where they go in front of a judge and present dramatic arguments for their clients. While the work of a family lawyer is not so flashy, it is just as important. Almost everyone will need the services of a […]

In divorce cases that are litigated, courts may establish both temporary and permanent spousal support. Each is determined differently. With temporary spousal support, judges typically use a formula to calculate the amount of support you or your spouse pays. Some judges will use slightly different factors to arrive at this amount, however. As California spousal […]