What Assets Will Be Taken into Account When Determining Spousal Support?

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How Do the Courts Calculate Spousal Support?

SLO clients going through a divorce often are anxious about how exactly the court will calculate their spousal support (sometimes called alimony). Specifically, they want to know which assets of theirs will be included in the calculation.

Now, when it comes to spousal support, there are usually not a strict set of rules. Instead, it is often left up to the discretion of the judge. This alone is one of the best reasons why you should seek the help of a good family law attorney like Hosford & Hosford. But here are some of the factors that the judge will most likely look at.

  • How long you were married.
  • How healthy you and your spouse are.
  • Your ages.
  • What kind of education you have.
  • How much income you and your spouse can earn, including your education.

When it comes to spousal support, SLO clients who have had a long marriage with their spouse are sometimes required to pay permanent alimony.

Of course, these factors listed above are a few of the main aspects. But the judge can consider any factors that they deem “just and equitable.” Criminal and abusive behavior will also be considered.

Which Assets Are Included in Determining Spousal Support?

Once the judge has determined to order spousal support, SLO clients will then be told how much they have to pay. To determine the amount, the judge will look at all of the marital and non-marital assets. This is where the process can get very complicated. But these generally are some of the assets that the judge will consider.

  • Bank accounts and cash.
  • Investments including stocks and stock options.
  • Real estate.
  • Vehicles.
  • Jewelry (including gold and silver), art, antique collectibles.
  • Patents.

This is a very condensed list and should not be used as a comprehensive guide by any means. After you contact Hosford & Hosford, we’ll sit down with you and go through a very detailed analysis of your financial situation and talk with you about what your exposure might be.

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