Category: Spousal Support

During divorce cases, one of the main areas of contention can involve spousal support. San Luis Obispo clients often ask us if and how much they will be required to pay. As with most things about your specific case, this is a difficult question to answer without more information. But what we can tell you […]

If you’re in the process of going through a divorce, then you may have heard the term “temporary spousal support.” San Luis Obispo clients are often, understandably, curious and possibly anxious about what exactly this is and how it is different from alimony. Whether you’re just starting the process of divorce or if you’ve already […]

SLO clients’ first question when they come to us for help with their divorce and spousal support issues is how much and which assets are included in the calculation? With over 35 years of experience offering excellent family law representation in San Luis Obispo, we understand our clients’ concern for their assets. That’s exactly Hosford […]

Spousal support can easily become one of the most heated and controversial aspects of a divorce. If you’ve gone through a divorce then hopefully the spousal support issue was handled quickly and without any fuss. But many times, spousal support, sometimes called alimony, can be a huge point of contention. Here at Hosford & Hosford, […]