I must tell you something and I hope it’s not too awfully late.
I am just now appreciating the work you’ve done for me and apologized for this late thank you.
I’m sure that I thanked you for all you’ve done but I also know that I didn’t understand the depth of it.

My head was in a cloud of numbers, expenses and fears about what would become of my financial security
over the course of ALL of last year. I was just grateful to have the settlement done and over with this year.

Today I spent a great deal of time reading through documents, charts and letters from you and the opposing counsel.
Of course I did read these things as they came through but as I said, I was in cloud of angst and fear.
The reason I was going through these 5 inches of paperwork that I have, is that I was looking for the expense declaration
and all details that related to my future so that I could compile it into a very concise and accurate declaration for my
financial planner.

I read through some of these letters with a better understanding and I see how diligent and staunch you were in your
determination to get what you felt I deserved. I was even shocked at reading some of [name omitted] proposals of how he
proposed that this agreement should play out. Then I saw how it ended up playing out. You worked hard and got everything
to a place where I feel comfortable and peaceful. In my mind you won and made it all work for me…not in a greedy way…
in a fair way.

So please accept my thank you and gratefulness for helping me to get beyond this horrendous hump in my life.
I’m sure you’ve seen a LOT worse, especially when everyone has to go to court and there are children involved…
or when there is more money involved. But each case is just as important to your client so I appreciate your
efforts to help me gain my security back…self esteem and respect as well as financial.